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Mister Keal (Japanese 18 Karat Gold Weave Couch Shot) Hi, I'm Timothy Robert Keal, and this is my Puzzlum.Net programming page! I welcome you with open arms and I dearly hope my uploads on this page will be entertaining and educational!
Puzzlum Onion Dome Graphic (2nd Variation) I hope you take into the very core of your soul that I have spent many years working on the code hosted here and understand that my "Puzzlum" in-addition to other personal projects of my creation are released under the Lesser Gnu Public License "2.2" ( Attribution, Education / Charity ) and that the projects listed on this main roster are just a small cross-sample of my various excursions into the world of Game, Art and Design.
Puzzlum HexDot (In-Game Warp Crystal) Notice panels to the right of each screenshot reflect the metadata regarding the highest grade's most recent upload for each associated project.
Click here to browse my various projects.
The Soul Pentacle
Tim Keal's The Soul Pentacle (2006) Here by popular demand is my personal 2006 booklet, "The Soul Pentacle: A Guide To The Inner Soul".
Also-Known-As: "The Occupy Wall Street Secret Decoder Ring".
Download by clicking Here
My "Soul Pentacle" 8 page electronic pamphlet as available on my website explains in great detail how mob-agenda algorithms influence the general public whilst in the hands of social media botnets.
"The Soul Pentacle" is a pamphlet of mine outlining the foundation of a cognitive virus on the net by which is especially to this very day wrecking havok upon social media.
Here is are my FreeBASIC DevKits.
Wherever you place these, the root of the installer packages for each of Alisha's DevKit & Keal's DevKit must be decompressed into sibling folders.
  • FreeBASIC compiler
  • SARG's FreeBASIC debugger
  • Notepad++ text editor
  • project files
  • all the development related automation scripts ( "Foo Compile.cmd" )
Uses for GPU shaders
  • 1. Secondary sound card.
    • Speech Translation
    • Speech Synthesis
  • 2. Secondary NIC
    • Parallel Processed Routing
    • DDoS Protection
  • 3. Cryptocurrency
    • Mining
    • Forking
  • 4. Deepfake
    • Zeed
    • Microgestures
  • 5. Artificial Intelligence
    • Neural Networks
    • Machine Learning
  • 6. Generated Artwork
    • Audio
    • Visual